Unified eSports Tournaments

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Join Unified eSports at Planet Comicon Kansas City for the ultimate gaming experience. Featuring dozens of games, several top tournaments, and thousands of dollars on the line this April 22-24! 🚀 Please note that entry for the Tournaments requires a $10 ticket upgrade. That one upgrade however, enables you to join as many of the tournaments as you like.

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Join thousands of attendees across several floors of fully-loaded comic, anime, and gaming goodness. Pop culture guests and events from every spectrum imaginable will take the stage or connect with fans during meet & greet opportunities all weekend long! Unified is proud to once again be providing the Esports entertainment across both floors of games.

You’re invited to join us for our one-of-a-kind festival set-up in the downstairs arena, complete with props and prizes from and for all sorts of top gaming favorites. Compete in several tournaments or play casually, with chances to be on the big stage or livestream–PLUS, stay tuned for bonus opportunities to play with special guest celebrities during Open Challenge 1v1 Showdowns!!

Full tournament schedule coming soon, with main stage events including the online open qualifer KC Cup League of Legends event (with $1,000 and free passes to Planet Comicon on the line), and our on-site Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament (with $1,500 on the line for top 3!)

(  Event Policy & Safety Notice:  )

Unified takes attendee safety seriously and will be following the venue’s most current recommended guidelines regarding mask mandates or social distancing. Unified staff members will be wearing masks at all times, and will be providing several additional sanitizing stations, wipes, and other cleaning supplies and will be vigilant in cleaning equipment between player usage to provide the safest possible experience.


*ALL TOURNAMENT ENTRIES INCLUDED WITH $10 PASS UPGRADE! Grab your $10 Gamer Pass Upgrade here!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournaments

Join us for several Super Smash Bros. Ultimate events, featuring TWO main tournaments with $750 each in prizing! Tournaments start Saturday & Sunday at 12pm; secure your spot in bracket by registering in advance.

Mario Kart tournaments

Join Unified and Planet Comicon for TWO separate $100 Mark Kart tournaments starting at 4pm on 4/22!

Guilty Gear Tournaments

Join Unified and Planet Comicon for our $400 Fighters – featuring Guilty Gear -Strive- one-vs-ones starting at 2:30pm on 4/24!

Tekken 7 Tournaments

Join Unified for our $400 Fighters – featuring Tekken 7 one-vs-ones starting at 12:30pm on 4/24!

Mortal Kombat 11 Tournament

Join Unified and Planet Comicon for our $400 Fighters – featuring Mortal Kombat 11 one-vs-ones starting at 5pm on 4/22!

Street Fighter V Tournament

Join Unified and Planet Comicon for our $400 Fighters – featuring Street Fighter V one-vs-ones starting at 1pm on 4/23!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tournament

Join Unified and Planet Comicon for our $500 Fighters – featuring Dragon Ball FighterZ one-vs-ones starting at 4pm on 4/23!

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Tournaments

Join Unified and Planet Comicon for TWO separate $100 Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl one-vs-ones starting at 6pm on 4/22!