Downen Creative Studio

Best Known for: Contest Judge Educator Author Community Leader

Beverly of Downen Creative Studios is an award-winning, internationally published professional
author, cosplayer and creator, crafting high-quality costumes based on pop culture characters
as well as elaborate original designs. She travels across the country to host workshops and
lectures at events, and has a passion for writing extensive tutorials. In 2018 she founded
SheProp, a maker forum for female, non-binary and transgender cosplayers, and is the
executive producer of all programming and events. She’s worked with many industry companies
including Marvel, Worbla, Smooth-On, PlaidFX and MicroMark and has been featured on
Tested, Be Amazed, and NW Nerd Podcast. Her 240-page how-to book, Cosplayer’s Ultimate
Guide to EVA Foam was published in 2022 and is available on bookshelves everywhere.