Autograph/Photo Op Price Chart

PLEASE NOTE: The chart below is simply pricing for celebrity autograph and professional photo opportunities and this tab is provided for quicker access to that chart.

If you are not already very familiar with how the celebrity autograph and photo opportunity areas are set up and operate at an event of such as Planet Comicon Kansas City, extensive information is available on the Autograph and Photo Info page found under the Autographs/PhotoOps button on the Navigation bar (link below). We STRONGLY urge you to read the information on that page unless you already know how this process works.

More Extensive Info regarding Autograph and Photo Op process at Planet Comicon KC HERE


Combo photo ops with multiple celebrities in one picture are at the bottom of the chart below

More celebrities will be added to the chart as they are announced!

Note: Prices are subject to change, and the prices below do not include taxes and fees. Photo Op prices do not include an autograph. Up to four persons may be in the photograph with the celebrity or celebrities

Guest Photo Op Price Autograph Price
Zach Aguilar Pro Photo Op are NO longer available. He will be doing Table Selfies ONLY $40 regular, $50 on Pops, Inscriptions - $10 (additional)
Booker T $50 $40
Maria Canals-Barrera $60 w/Plexiglass $50
Kevin Conroy $60 w/Plexiglass $40 Cancelled
John de Lancie $55 $50 Saturday & Sunday Only
Steve Downes $60 $60
Ashley Eckstein $80 $100
Susan Eisenberg $60 w/Plexiglass $40
Garth Ennis $5.00 per Autograph (free with purchase on a TPB/book)
Joey Fatone $50 $40
Courtney Ford $50 $40 Saturday & Sunday Only
Jason David Frank $50 w/Plexiglass $60 Saturday & Sunday Only
Caitlin Glass $40 w/Plexiglass $40 , $60 for Funko Pop
Mark-Paul Gosselaar $60 $50 Saturday & Sunday Only
Dan Green $50 w/Plexi (unless otherwise stated) $40, $50 on Funko Pops
Bret Iwan $60 $60
Nicole Kang $50 $40
Phil LaMarr $40 $30
Matt Lanter $80 $80 for 8x10", $100 Fan provided items
Jerry Lawler $50 $40
InHyuk Lee Raw signature - Max 5 free, Signature for Grading - $15 each Cancelled
Jes Macallan $50 $40
Ralph Macchio $90 - w/Plexi* (may change at time of show) $80
Gates McFadden $60 $50
James Murray $50 $40
Sarah Natochenny $50 w/Plexiglass $40, Funko Pop - $50, prices for Pokemon cards will be posted on site.
George Newbern $60 w/Plexiglass $50
Bryce Papenbrook $50 w/Plexiglass $40, Funko Pops - $60
Cassandra Peterson $80 (will be taken on Sunday - time TBD) Plexi TBD $60 on an 8x10 photo or $80 on a fan provided item Cancelled
Kyle Phillips $40 $40
Maisie Richardson-Sellers $50 $40
John Romita Jr. $20 Raw, $45 witnessed (graded)
Brandon Routh $60 $60 Saturday & Sunday Only
Adam Savage $60 - 2 Photo Ops will be available. One will be Captain America Cosplay. $50
Rachel Skarsten $50 $50
Sgt. Slaughter $50 $40
James Arnold Taylor $80 $60 8x10", $80 Fan provided item
Henry Thomas $70 $50 Cancelled
Dee Wallace $60 $40 Cancelled
Spencer Wilding $60 $40 (on picture)