Autograph/Photo Op Price Chart

PLEASE NOTE: The chart below is simply pricing for celebrity autograph and professional photo opportunities and this tab is provided for quicker access to that chart.

If you are not already very familiar with how the celebrity autograph and photo opportunity areas are set up and operate at an event of such as Planet Comicon Kansas City, extensive information is available on the Autograph and Photo Info page found under the Autographs/PhotoOps button on the Navigation bar (link below). We STRONGLY urge you to read the information on that page unless you already know how this process works.

More Extensive Info regarding Autograph and Photo Op process at Planet Comicon KC HERE

Combo photo ops with multiple celebrities in one picture are at the bottom of the chart below

More celebrities will be added to the chart as they are announced!

Note that prices are subject to change, and the prices below do not include taxes and fees.

Celebrity Autograph Professional
Photo Op
Blair, Linda $50 $50
Blum, Steve TBD $40
Briner, Justin $30 $40
Cain, Dean $60 $60
Douglas, Jason $30 $30
Eastman, Kevin TBD $30
Elwes, Cary $60 $60
Foley, Mick $40 $50
Harkavy, Juliana $40 $50
Hollings, Chloe $40 / $50 for a poster TBD
Iwan, Bret $40 $50
Kane, Tom TBD TBD
Liebrecht, Jason $20 $30
Marchi, Jamie $25 $40
Maxwell, Elizabeth $20 $30
Mysterio, Rey $40 $55
Nash, Amber $20 $40
O’Hara, Paige $40 $50
Panabaker, Danielle $50 $60
Pelligrino, Mark $30 (8×10), $40 (11×17) TBD
Petersdorf, Josh $40 $60
Petty, Lori $40 $50
Phelps, James & Oliver – 
Note this is for both of them combined,
They do not sign/photo singly
$100 $120 
Pohl, Lucie $40 $60
Rial, Monica $25 $40
Rosenbaum, Michael $60 $70
Sabat, Chris $30 $40
Sackhoff, Katee $40 $60
Sarandon, Chris $40 Flat Item/$50 Oversized Item $60
Shatner, William $80 $85
Shipp, John Wesley $40 $50
Strong, Tara $40 $40
Suotamo, Joonas $50 / $60 for props $50
Welling, Tom $60 $80
Winkler, Henry $40 $45
Wright, Bonnie $50 $70


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