Cosplay at Planet Comicon Kansas City

Cosplay is a big part of Planet Comicon Kansas City. We encourage anyone who wants to attend in costume to do so!

Planet Comicon Kansas City is the biggest cosplay event six state area! Thousands of fans come in costume, our exhibit hall features a large cosplay zone, and we have costume contests for kids and adults. We also provide space for cosplayer meet ups and group photo events. Please cosplay any character you wish, from any genre! You will be required to adhere to our standards which you will below.

Acceptable Costumes

  • For everyone’s safety, firearms and sharpened instruments are prohibited. Many characters are associated with various weapons. All costume props must be checked in at time of initial registration. The full weapons policy is posted here.
  • All costumes must observe a PG-rating, kids-friendly policy; no nudity, profanity, or abusive content.
  • Any offensive content complaints from fellow attendees must be addressed by convention staff and could result in dismissal from the premises until alterations are made to the costume.

Anti-harassment Standards

Planet Comicon Kansas City is dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for all fans. Toward that goal we have adopted guidelines for respecting the feelings and personal space of others.  Please see the Anti-harassment Standards page for our policies and procedures.