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Booth Location: C61

Show Availabilty: Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Monster Maker TrisRex was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, where he was enamored by horror/sci-fi films, comics, and action figures at an early age. He’s most known for his dark and dramatic take on well-known DC Comics characters paired with horror elements such as his take on Swamp Thing titled “The Green” and 2021’s terrifying Red Lantern titled “Lord Atrocitus” to name a few.

His cinematic and highly detailed style has landed him on the cover of Cosplay Alliance and Art Materials Retailer Magazine with appearances on Cinema Makeup School, Dread Central, DC Comics, Shortboxed, Make Magazine and many others. Through his exploration of practical FX and foam fabrication, his new short film ALIENS: RESURGENCE (FOR THE HIVE) dives deep into the Aliens expanded universe to tell a new story from the monster lover’s perspective.

TrisRex will be a Guest Judge at Planet Comicon Kansas City’s 25th Anniversary