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Tom Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American visual artist who began his 27-year professional career freelancing for comic book publishers such as DC Comics and Marvel Comics from the age of 19.  Building his name as an inker, he has worked on major titles such as BatmanGreen LanternJLA, Final Crisis, and Superman: The Man of Steel among others.

Tom has since quickly branched out into other areas professionally, such as pencilling, painting, and authoring two instructional books on comic book art.

Along with writer/artist Keith Champagne, Tom is the co-creator of the successful Kickstarter hit comic book The Switch and is currently working on the sequel.

In recent years, Tom has rebranded himself as an illustrator for television specializing in pitch illustrations, storyboards, concept art, and onscreen artwork (most notably for CBS’s Big Brother, TBS’s Wipeout, TMZ’s Who the Bleep Is That?!, and Nickelodeon’s All That among others).