Tabletop Gaming

Welcome to the Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Experience at Planet Comicon Kansas City!

Prepare to embark on an adventure like no other in our tabletop gaming space located in the Great Hall. Dive into a world where strategy meets excitement, and imagination knows no bounds! You can find us in RM 3501E-H.

Game Library

Step into our Free Play Room and discover a treasure trove of gaming delights! With a library boasting hundreds of games, you’re in for an adventure of board games, card games, and more. From classics to brand new games, the choice is yours! Grab a game, round up your friends, and let the adventures begin.

Our huge game library is sponsored by Level One, Mindgames & Magic, and ReRoll Tavern! More info on the shops below!

Join us Sunday, March 10th for an Epic Dungeons and Dragons game at Planet Comicon, sponsored by ReRoll Tavern! 

“A ritual to destroy Chult’s undead has backfired and unleashed an undead plague! The components needed to concoct an antidote have been identified, but need to be scavenged from the jungle. Meanwhile, Valindra Shadowmantle and Szass Tam are rallying the infected to conduct a massive assault on Port Nyanzaru. If they succeed, the results will be catastrophic.”

This playthrough is of the Epic D&D adventure “Drums of the Dead” and is open to any Adventurers League Characters from level 1 through 20, encompassing twenty-four tables working in tandem to complete the quest objectives. This is also a Charity Epic game, as detailed further below.

The Epic will be held in Bartle Hall in the Planet Comicon convention floor’s Tabletop Gaming Room (3501E-H) and can accommodate up to 175 players at once! We will provide dice, miniatures, maps, blank character sheets, pencils and anything else you might need, including pre-made Level 3 and Level 11 characters for new players. All we need is you!

There will be twelve Tier-1 and Tier-2 Tables for characters level 1-10, and twelve Tier-3 and Tier-4 Tables for characters level 11-20. Each table will be able to accommodate up to seven players at a time. Players may either use their own Adventurers League legal characters or a pre-generated character for the event.

Player sign-in will begin at Noon, with game play starting firmly at 1:00pm. Since this is a timed event, players not seated by 1:00pm will not be able to participate in the Event. This will be a three hour game.

Tickets for this event are available for Free so you can reserve your seat at the table. There is no cost to participate, however players will need a Planet Comicon convention badge in order to enter Bartle Hall and join the Epic. Walk-in players without advance ticket reservations are welcome to play, with seating preference given to players who register in advance and have a ticket. Any player who has not claimed their ticketed seat by 12:45pm is subject to having their seat given to a walk-in player.

Due to the nature of such large events, some tables may be rearranged or folded together before the event begins, to facilitate the best possible gaming experience. For example, a table with two players and a table with three players may be combined into a single table of five players, or two table of six players may be split into three tables of four players, and so forth. This is to ensure the best possible gaming experience for all participants. We will do our best not to split up any groups that wish to play together when doing this, and will do our best to ensure all players get to participate in the Epic.

This is a Charity Epic game, and as such you will have the opportunity to support Children’s Mercy Hospital by playing in this Epic! Players are permitted to purchase ReRolls for their d20s during this event by donating $1 to Children’s Mercy. Further, a player may donate $20 to place their dice with the 20 facing up, and count it as a roll of a Natural 20. 100% of the proceeds from ReRoll donations will go directly to Children’s Mercy Hospital!

A charity ReRoll does not grant advantage and does not negate disadvantage, it’s just a ReRoll and we’re not creating new rules, but a player can ReRoll that d20 as long as they keep donating. Any player or spectator can purchase a ReRoll for any other player, so long as the d20 roll does not result in a negative experience, such as forcing a character to fail a saving throw, getting the character killed/rendered unconscious, and so on. Players can do this as many times as they desire on a player’s d20 roll. Dungeon Masters will not be allowed to purchase ReRolls for their NPCs.

Planet Comicon Kansas City is dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for all fans. Please see the Planet Comicon website for all posted guidelines for your convention experience, including code of conduct and anti-harassment standards. Our staff will be available throughout the convention and during the event to help best facilitate your experience. Thank you for helping make everyone’s Planet Comicon experience a positive one!


Planet arKCanite Warhammer 40K Tournament, sponsored by Mindgames & Magic – March 9th and 10th!

Planet arKCanite is a five round, two day, 70+ Person Warhammer 40K tournament that takes place at Planet Comicon Kansas City each year! Located at Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City, right in the middle of some of the best hotels, dining, and nightlife the KC Metro has to offer!

Event History

Team arKCanite and Planet Comicon Kansas City teamed up 4 years ago working hand-in-hand to bring Tabletop wargaming to the Con. Each year brings more competitors, prestige, and prizes! Each Entry includes not only a ticket to the tournament and a swag bag full of goodies, but a 3-day pass to Planet Comicon Kansas City itself! Even a Grot can see there is no better value in all of Warhammer 40K.

Event Highlights

  • Five Rounds
  • Two Days
  • Player Placed Terrain
  • Held during Planet Comicon Kansas City
  • 3-day Comicon Pass Included with Ticket!
  • Hundreds of vendors, celebrities, and artists in attendance
  • Food and Beverages on site!
  • Each Competitor receives a swag bag full of goodies
  • Wargames LIVE will be streaming the event



Magic the Gathering at PLANET COMICON

  Join us in the Tabletop Gaming Area for a weekend full of Magic the Gathering experiences. We will have an open play area featuring both a Jumpstart Cube and premade Commander Decks for both new and experienced players to enjoy. Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to teach new players the ropes, or act as a Judge when needed to clarify rules.

In addition to open play we will be hosting on demand Set and Chaos Drafts throughout the weekend, a minimum of four players is needed to fire each draft round. We will be using draft packs from sets published in the last three years.

You can play for fun, or play for prizes by supporting our charity drive. Players can donate an additional $5 to compete for prize support provided by ReRoll Tavern, Mindgames & Magic and Level One Game Shop. All donation proceeds will go directly to Children’s Mercy Hospital to support their activity program. We thank you for your generosity!

Bring your decks or just yourself, stop by for a match or a full draft, and play throughout the convention to fulfill your weekend experience. We’ll see you for high fantasy fun on the Tabletop Gaming Floor!

Pokemon Gym Battle: Become a Pokemon Master!

Are you a Pokémon Trainer with dreams of greatness? Join our Pokémon Gym Battle and put your skills to the test! Train, strategize, and challenge Gym Leaders throughout the convention. Prove your mettle and earn stamps as you work your way towards becoming the ultimate Pokémon Master and qualify for the Elite Four at Planet Anime!

Saturday and Sunday of the con, throughout the convention, there will be 8 gyms where only the bravest trainers will take on the gym leaders! Make sure to bring your Nintendo Switch and your copy of Pokemon Scarlet or Violet!


TCG Tournaments 

Calling all TCG fans! Brace yourself for epic showdowns all weekend long. Come to the Great Hall to sign up! Battle it out with fellow enthusiasts in thrilling TCG tournaments, featuring games like:

Magic: The Gathering


One Piece

Flesh and Blood

Learn to Play TCG in the Tabletop Room [FREE]

Drop-in anytime between the following timeline. Each Learn to Play session will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Level One Game Shop is hosting these sessions.

Friday 5-8pmSaturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Pokemon Card Game (Kids friendly age: 6+)

Pokemon Card Game – Become the very best! Come learn to play the Pokemon Trading card game! Staff or volunteers from Level One Game Shop are available to teach basic rules of the game. You will receive a free pokemon demo deck to take home till supply lasts! After you learn how to play, come join us for the release of the new Temporal Forces set with a  tournament on Saturday at 3 pm.

 One Piece Card Game

One Piece Card Game- Set sail for the One Piece! Come learn to play One Piece Card Game. Staff or volunteers from Level One Game Shop are available to teach basic rules of the game. After you learn how to play, come join us for the prerelease sealed event with the new OP-06 set Wings of the Captain on Saturday at 1 pm.

Star Wars Unlimited Card Game

Star Wars Unlimited *New*- Join the galaxy far far away! Come see us and learn to play this brand new game during this world wide release. Staff or volunteers from Level One Game Shop are available to teach basic rules of the game. After you learn how to play, come join us for the release event on Saturday at 5:30 pm to get the special promo card!

Disney Lorcana Card Game (Kids friendly age: 8+)

Disney Lorcana – Enter the Great Illuminary! Come learn to play Disney Lorcana Card Game. Staff or volunteers from Level One Game Shop are available to teach basic rules of the game. After you learn how to play, come join us for the prerelease event on Sunday at 2:30 pm.

TCG (Trading Card Game) Tournament

Saturday at 12 pm  – One Piece TCG OP-06 Prerelease Tournament $30

Format: Sealed (6 packs from OP-06 is included in the price)

Saturday at 2:30 pm – *New Game* Star Wars Unlimited Prerelease Event $30 

Format: Prerelease Box (6 packs included)

Saturday at 3:30 pm – Pokemon Temporal Forces Prerelease weekend Tournament $25

Format: Tournament using the Pokemon Build & Battle Kit from a brand new set called Temporal Forces

Sunday at 2:30 pm – Disney Lorcana Release Tournament $35

Format: Sealed tournament using 6 packs from the Lorcana set 3, Into the Inklands


Play a brand new game and give feedback to our group of publishers who will be previewing new games throughout the weekend!

Game Runners

Visit our knowledgeable game runners who will be there during the weekend to teach you a new game that you have always wanted to learn or a game you have just discovered!

D&D One-Shots

We will have D&D one-shots scheduled during the weekend daily. Sign up ahead of time and join in on the adventure!


Shoutout to Our Incredible Tabletop Gaming Partners! 

At Planet Comicon Kansas City, we believe in the power of collaboration, and it’s our pleasure to give a heartfelt shoutout to our amazing tabletop gaming partners:

ReRoll Tavern 

Mindgames and Magic

Level One Game Shop