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Philip Moy is an Inker and Artist who’s worked in comics for over 20 years. His biggest claim to fame is working on DC’s Powerpuff Girls comic which included drawing nearly all the covers of the 70 issue run, as well as drawing stories in several issues. More recently Philip’s inking work can be found in mini-series crossovers Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes and Danger Girl/G.I. Joe from IDW.

His work can also be found in DC’s Legionnaires, Samurai Jack in Cartoon Network Action Pack, Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi; Marvel’s Excalibur, Age of Apocalypse: X-Calibre; and Malibu’s Hardcase, and Foxfire.

As an artist, Philip’s enthusiasm for mainstream comics, anime, sci-fi, and cartoons enable him to adjust his style to what’s needed for whatever project he’s working on.

Deviant Art: inkermoy