Autograph Price: $40 - 8x10, $60 - Pops ($20 additional for Quote)

Photo Op Price: $60

Table Selfie Price: $40

Other Pricing: TBD

Booth Location: 3427

Show Availabilty: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Prices Subject to change

Michaela Jill Murphy (aka Jessie Flower) is a Los Angeles based actor, singer, and writer known for voicing “Toph Beifong” in Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. Other credits include “Chaca” in Kronk’s New Groove/Emperor’s New School, “Young Franny” in Meet the Robinson’s, “Nasse” in Platinum End, and “Harika” in Boruto. She holds a Screenwriting and Theater dual degree from Yale University, has performed with cover band “Faces for Radio” in renowned New York venues from Bowery Electric to Stephen Talkhouse, and began her own brand based on her role in Avatar. Follow her on Instagram/Threads/YouTube: @michaelamostly and TikTok: @michaelajillmurphy

NOTE: Michaela  will be at Planet Comicon on Sunday until at 3:45 pm.