Exhibitor Parking

Several parking options are available for exhibitors. These include parking on the South Dock (reserved for larger trucks, large trailers and semi-trailers), the 16th and Central surface lot located just south of the South Dock, and garage parking at Municipal Garage (under Barney Allis Plaza), just across from Bartle Hall. Exhibitors may also use any of the public parking options. A map of public parking lots in downtown Kansas City, as well as the number of spaces in each lot, may be found at the following link: Parking and Public Transportation Page. An additional option this year may be found at the Aladdin Holiday Inn, which is offering free parking (with some restrictions) to exhibitors who stay at the Aladdin for three (3) or more nights during the convention. See below for more information and to book rooms at the Aladdin.

Reserving a Parking Space at Municipal Garage:

You may reserve parking for standard-size automobiles (cars, vans, pick-up trucks) now at the Municipal Garage by going to the following link: Reserving Municipal Garage Parking. This garage is also often referred to as the Barney Allis Plaza Garage and is P10 on the VisitKC Parking Map (see Parking and Public Transportation Page). These reservations are made through the City of Kansas City and not through Planet Comicon Kansas City. When purchasing/reserving multiple days of parking, you may leave your vehicle in the garage overnight. The garage height is 6’6”. These spaces will sell out early as the city sets aside only a modest percentage of the spaces in the Municipal Garage for advanced, reserved parking. If reservations in this garage cannot be made (are sold out) this fact DOES NOT mean the Municipal Garage will be full. About 80% of the garage is reserved on “same day” parking. So if you wish to park in that garage and cannot reserve that parking in advance, spaces may still be available in that lot, at the daily rate, particularly if you arrive early on the day you wish to park. “Same day” purchase of parking at the Municipal Garage must be paid in cash.

Parking on the South Dock, and the 16th and Central surface lot are both limited and may be purchased directly from show management.

South Dock Parking: Parking for larger trucks and trailers will be available on the South Dock. This dock is accessible from 16th Street between Broadway and Central, and is also the main loading dock for moving exhibitors in to the convention. The South Dock can accommodate semis with trailers (up to a limited size – but pretty large), large trailers (and generally the vehicle towing the trailer) and larger trucks that will not fit in a standard parking space.

16th & Central Surface Parking Lot: The 16th and Central surface parking lot entrance is located on Central Street just north of 16th Street. Both 14th Street (one way eastbound) and 16th Street (a two-way street) allow access. Central is two-way between 14th Street and 16th Street. Central Street is one way North of 14th Street. The 16th and Central lot can accommodate cars, vans and smaller trucks (small box trucks, for instance) and some trailers, however when using the 16th and Central lot, each vehicle must fit within ONE parking space. If parking for a vehicle and a trailer is required in the 16th and Central lot, two spaces must be purchased.