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Booth Location: C86

Show Availabilty: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

With character creation rooted deep in Halo LAN parties, Saturday morning cartoons, and playing dress up, Danielle grew up with an intense love of video games, Dragon Ball Z, and Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Dipping a toe into the gaming industry, she began by writing freelance game news articles and guides for A nerdy lifestyle and the drive for a fellow community led her to cosplay in 2013, and she now uses multiple mediums to bring her favorite characters to life.

Danielle now bounces between more intensive armor and simpler costumes, depending on what fandom currently piques her interest. She streams most of her creations on Twitch, where she is a partner. Her skillset is centered around armor, props, and weapons, but has been known to undertake a sewing project or two. She creates costumes for brands and games, as well as for fun on her own social sites.

In her spare time she likes to binge the latest pop culture Netflix craze, work through her Steam backlog, find the best places to eat, and sit down with a hot Café Latte (with oat milk) and some good friends.