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Dan Riba is an Emmy winning animation director with over 35 years in the industry, renowned for his significant contributions, especially in the realm of superhero animated series. He has worked as a character designer, storyboard artist, and assistant animator…but mostly is known as a director.

His career is highlighted by his extensive work with Warner Bros. Animation, particularly in the DC Animated Universe (DCAU). Riba has been instrumental in shaping some of the most beloved and critically acclaimed animated series, such as “Batman: The Animated Series,” “Superman: The Animated Series,” “Justice League,” and “Justice League Unlimited.” His direction in these series is celebrated for its compelling visual storytelling, adherence to character authenticity, and the ability to balance complex storylines with action-packed animation, making him a standout talent in the field.

Riba’s directorial style is characterized by his keen eye for detail, ability to create dramatic and engaging narratives, and his skill in crafting episodes that resonate both with longtime fans and new audiences. His work often features a blend of deep emotional storytelling with high-stakes action, a hallmark of the DCAU’s success and appeal. Throughout his career, Riba has not only contributed to the legacy of classic characters but also helped introduce new characters and stories to the animation landscape. His influence is seen in the way he has helped evolve the superhero genre in animation, leaving a lasting impact on both the industry and its audience. Dan Riba’s dedication to his craft and his role in bringing some of the most iconic animated stories to life have solidified his status as a respected and influential figure in animation.

Dan has worked on many well known projects:

Batman: The Animated Series
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Batman Beyond
Superman: The Animated Series
Justice League
Justice League Unlimited
Static Shock
And much more!


Dan is appearing Courtesy of Heroic Fine Art