Artist & Crafter Alley

Planet Comicon Kansas City offers the opportunity to meet favorite comic book creators (writers and artists) and authors. Located in the center of the exhibit hall, the PCKC Artists Alley has hundreds of tables featuring many of the top creators in the industry, as well as many new and aspiring creators. You may get your books signed, maybe obtain a sketch of your favorite characters, purchase a page of original art or purchase prints and books.  Possibly commission a piece of art from an artist? (Note: Please check with the guest/creator they are able to accommodate your request). Artist Alley exhibitors list coming soon! 

Our Crafter Alley features lots of talented creators offering hand made items for sale. Our Crafter listings are coming soon!

Some of the creator guests will charge for autographs. Most will charge for sketches.  We do suggest you bring cash if possible as many creators, crafters and vendors only accept cash. If you run short, ATMs are available in the exhibit hall.  

NOTE:  Most creators in our Artists Alley and Crafter Alley are at the show all three days. A small number of guests may be available only on certain days. Those that are not in attendance all 3 days are noted on their individual guest page.