Planet Comicon Kansas City 2020 Program Guide


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Every year Planet Comicon Kansas City has an official Program Guide.  This is the program guide for March 2020.  Due to the pandemic and the need to postpone the convention, that event was not held and the program book was not used.  While 1000s of this book were printed, all were recycled except for ONE box of 100 copies.  This is all that exist.  The only place to obtain a copy if you like to collect program guides is right here!!  Only about 75 available.

As an interesting aside, around $10K was spent creating, printing and shipping these program books (they shipped before the show was forced to postpone), so we have about $100 each in to the 100 surviving copies!  See — you are getting such a BARGAIN at our $10 price point! 🙂

Steampunk Planet Girl design by Philip Moy.  Cover design by Aspen Comics