Terryl Whitlatch

Best Known for: Creature designer, Star Wars, Walt Disney Imagineering, The Wildlife of Star Wars

Terryl Whitlatch is an internationally renowned Creature designer specializing in Animal Anatomy, Paleontological Reconstruction, and the creation of Imaginary Creatures for the Animation, Publishing, Institutional, Academic, and other Transmedia/Entertainment Industries. Her many clients include Lucasfilm, LTD., Industrial Light & Magic, LucasArts, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Walt Disney Imagineering, Electronic Arts (EA), Paramount Pictures, Sony, Miramax, PDI, Imagination International, Inc. Terryl’s film credits include the ongoing Star Wars franchise (including the design of the Gungans and Jar Jar Binks), “Brave,” “Brother Bear,” and “John Carter of Mars” among others. Her books include “Principles of Creature Design,” “Science of Creature Design,” “Animals Real and Imagined,” “The Katurran Odyssey,” and “The Wildlife of Star Wars.”

Terryl Whitlatch is appearing courtesy of SFAL.