Spencer Wilding

Please Note: Prices Subject to Change

Booth Location - 3631

Autographs - $40 (on picture)

Professional Photo Op - $60

Table Photographs with fan's camera - $40

Combo Autograph/Selfie - $60, Darth Vader Helmet or Pop - $100

Best Known for: Darth Vader, Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter

Since he was a child, Spencer had always dreamed of becoming an actor. Lacking any clear route towards his ambition, and growing to be a robust 6’ 8” man, he became involved in ‘Kick-Boxing’ and eventually was crowned British-Welsh Champion. A photographer took a picture for Spencer’s mother’s mantelpiece and suggested that he approach an agent in London as he had a ‘great look’, thus the passion for acting was rekindled, advice taken and many incredible characters later, he is now considered to be one of the best in his specialization of Special Creature performance.  

Spencer has 35+ characters. Some of the more iconic characters he has been are the “Mean Guard” in Guardians of the Galaxy,  “Luca Brazzi” in Men in Black International, the “Werewolf” in Harry Potter, Killiwog in Green Lantern, Lead Dreg in Orphan 55 ( Dr. Who ) and the iconic character of “Darth Vader” in Rogue One.