Orangegofish Cosplay

Best Known for: Cosplayer, Causeplayer, Photographer

Orangegofish, a.k.a. Jen Greeley is an award winning cosplayer, videographer, writer, causeplayer, photographer and former comic book reviewer who is dedicated to uplifting and celebrating the cosplay community.  She currently Admins for Over30Cosplay, Over40cosplay, Over50cosplay, Over60Cosplay and Over70Cosplay. She also helps admin MenvsCosplay, WomenvsCosplay, G33khq, Comicbooked and CosplayerNation among others. Her dedication to ensuring representation for all in the cosplay community is still top priority to her now and for the last 6 years, (along with fun with friends, tons of costumes and her dog nicknamed cha-cha)!!!