Lisa Corrao

Appearing Saturday & Sunday Only

Best Known for: Comedian, Nickelodeon’s “Every Witch Way”, Comedy Central’s “Trevathon”

Lisa Corrao is an underground favorite in comedy…that means that she’s not famous but people like her. She regularly opens for A-listers such as Jim Norton and Patton Oswalt and is a staple at comic book conventions across the country because she is proudly a huge nerd. Don’t argue with her on that. She belongs to a metal detecting club. Let her have this. She is happily a comic’s comic and in her spare time writes for other comedians. Her material is clever, sarcastic, and dark, all delivered with the smile and warmth of your favorite grade school teacher…most likely because that was her former profession. Lisa does not care about fame, she just wants to tell jokes to whoever wants to listen. That being said, she still cares about money so you’ve seen her in over 100 commercials, playing Ramona the witch on Nickelodeon’s “Every Witch Way,” and most recently on Comedy Central’s “Trevathon” with Trevor Moore. Look for Lisa at a comedy club, comic book convention, or at a seedy bar near you.