Karl Kesel

Best Known for: Superman, Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Captain America

KARL KESEL loves his job far more than he has any right to. He has written, inked, and occasionally penciled: Superman, Superboy, Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Suicide Squad, Fantastic Four, Captain America and many others— although he has an inexplicable fondness for obscure characters no one else remembers. His current obsessions are his crowdfunded creator-owned comics with Tom Grummett— the Jack-Kirby-does-the-X-Files-esque SECTION ZERO— and David Hahn— the grin-and-gritty IMPOSSIBLE JONES. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wonderful wife Myrna, their joyful son Isaac, and cute-as-a-bug daughter Eliza. He really can’t complain about much.

Karl Appears courtesy of Hero Initiative.