Jason David Frank

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Best Known for: Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Jason David Frank is well-known for his role of Tommy Oliver in the long-running television show Power Rangers. His character has morphed into the most different power rangers in the show’s twenty year history. Throughout Power Ranger history, Jason David Frank’s character has appeared in 225 total episodes and counting, more episodes than any other ranger. He also starred in the series both full-length movies, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie” (1995) and “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie” (1997).

In 2013, Jason David Frank reprised his role of the Green Ranger in the Power Ranger’s 20th Anniversary season, which features a mega war that features many rangers from the show’s history. With his dynamic screen presence and outstanding martial arts, he has catapulted Tommy to legendary fame in the Power Ranger fandom and to this day maintains a fan base that stretches around the world.