George Pratt

Best Known for: Acclaimed Fine Artist, Eisner Award Winner, Wolverine: Netsuke

George Pratt is an Eisner award-winning comics creator, an acclaimed Fine Artist, and influential educator. In 1990 DC published George’s first graphic novel, “Enemy Ace: War Idyll,” which was nominated for both the Eisner and the Harvey Awards. “Enemy Ace: War Idyll” has been translated into nine languages and at one point was on the required reading list at West Point; it won the France Info Award for Best Foreign Language Graphic Novel, and the British Speakeasy Award for Best Foreign Language Graphic Novel. His limited Marvel series, “Wolverine: Netsuke,” was honored with the Eisner in 2003. George has created cover and interior illustrations for books published by Bantam Books, Henry Holt, Warner Books, Mojo Press, and Random House among many others. He teaches art at the Ringling College of Art and Design and at Kansas City’s annual Illustration Academy Summer Workshops.

George Pratt is appearing courtesy of SFAL.