Fancy Jen Cosplay

Booth Location - #C73

Best Known for: Cosplayer Crafter

Fancy Jen Cosplay is a mild mannered dietitian by day and a cosplayer by night (and weekends). Cosplay has helped her find her niche in life, a way to have a creative outlet, while also having a family and full time job.  She lives in Kansas City and started cosplaying about 9 years ago. She enjoys making cosplays of “retro” characters from her favorite 80’s and 90’s movies. She has won multiple awards in the Kansas City area, along with Evil Ted’s Judge’s Choice award in the first Ultimate Online Cosplay Championship. She loves being part of cosplay charity groups such as the Just-Us League and Midland Empire Ghostbusters, and coordinating cosplayer hospital visits at her job. She enjoys sewing, making EVA foam/foam clay creations, creating props from repurposed items, and has been dabbling in Cricut and 3D printing lately. You can follow her @FancyJenCosplay on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok