Doug Mahnke

Best Known for: Detective Comics, Superman, Green Lantern

Doug Mahnke began his career at Dark Horse comics, working alongside writer John Arcudi to create the legendary MASK series as well as Homicide and Aliens: Stronghold, and “X” with writer Steven Grant.
At DC comics he worked on the Lobo/Mask crossover with Arcudi and scribe Alan Grant, then on to the cult humor classic Major Bummer with Arcudi.
Doug has worked on almost every main DC title and some of the biggest events including: Batman: The Man Who Laughs, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Final Crisis, Superman Beyond, Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein, and Multiversity: Ultra Comics with Grant Morrison.  Along with writer Peter Tomasi, Mahnke pencilled Black Adam: The Dark Age, Final Crisis: Requiem, and Detective comics. A 4 yr run on Green Lantern, and many issues of Justice League, Superman Rebirth, the critically acclaimed Action Comics #775 (and a long run on JLA including Justice League Elite).
Recently, he pencilled/inked variant covers for the Snyder/Capullo’s Death Metal series, which spawned a Pop Funko Batman shredding a guitar based on his issue #1 cover, as well as a McFarlane Toys Batman figure based on the same cover.
Recently, he celebrated his 25th anniversary working for DC. To honor this achievement, DC recently released ‘Legends of the DC Universe: Doug Mahnke’ in hardcover form. Doug is currently working on a secret project with friend Jeff Lemire for DC. He is looking forward to seeing The Red Hood, based on his designs and art on Batman Under the Red Hood, appearing in Titans Season 3.
When he is not drawing, he competes in weightlifting, holding Masters National & world titles, and state & National records.  He is also an avid animator which can be seen on his IG @theDougMahnke