Cyntha Sheppard

Best Known for: Award-Winning Fine Artist, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons

Cynthia Sheppard an award-winning illustrator and Fine Artist as well as an influential Senior Art Director for Wizards of the Coast. She has created memorable art for Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons along with a host of other clients, including Tor Books, Fantasy Flight Games, and Pyr Books among many others. Cynthia also is a highly-regarded instructor and will be teaching at IMC later this summer. She says “I enjoy painting in my free time, making occasional art videos for YouTube, and talking about artistic growth to anyone who will let me. (I like to lie and say that my best ideas happen over a glass of red wine and good conversation, but they really come to me in the shower, just like everybody else.)”

Cynthia Sheppard is appearing courtesy of SFAL.