Bruce Thomas

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Booth Location - Nostalgia Alley #3202

Autographs - Autograph 8x10" $40, Pops $50

Professional Photo Op - $50

Table Photographs with fan's camera - $40

Combo - Autograph/Selfie -$60 8x10" / Pop Vinyl Combo $70 / Quote 6 Words $20 / Video Recordings $60

Best Known for: Legally Blonde, Motion Capture Master Chief from HALO 4,5, and Infinite

Known mostly as The UPS Guy in the Legally Blonde I and 2, as well as the Baseball Coach Rick Coleman in The Farrelly Brothers comedy, Hall Pass, Bruce also starred in three seasons of ABC Family’s Sci-fi hit series Kyle XY playing Kyle’s father Stephen TraegerHis very first film was Army Of Darkness with Bruce Campbell playing “Tiny Ash”. He played a Xindi Warrior in 4 episodes of Star Trek Enterprise.

He began doing voice performances and starring in animation and video game franchises like Master Chief in Halo, Russell Adler in Call Of Duty, Ezra Loomis and Sid Redburn in Gears Of War, Fallout, and Horizon Forbidden West, alongside legendary DC Comics superhero animated films like Batman Hush, Son of Batman, Green Lantern, and Gods and Monsters, and Freedom Fighter – The Ray. The characters he played included Ubu, Desaad, Atrocitus, Darkseid, Jim Gordon, and others. He is one of a couple of actors in history who have played both Batman(in a series of Onstar commercials) and Commissioner Gordon.