Best Known for: Supernatural - Screen Used

Named after Bela Talbot from the TV series SUPERNATURAL, Bela was originally manufactured in March 1967, and then restored in December 2012 to match the Chevy Impala in the show. She became a replica showpiece at live events and conventions, until 2014. That’s when arrangements were made for Bela to appear in the series SUPERNATURAL, shooting took place in Chicago and the art department finished outfitting the car to match every detail of its impala counterparts. Bela now is the only screen used Impala not owned by the production. Bela was used in one episode of Season 9 of Supernatural. She continues to be shown for all die-hards of the series and lovers of classic cars around the country at various events. Picture opportunities and merch will be available at Bela’s booth all weekend. You can follow along on “the road so far” at the Facebook page here or the Instagram page here.