Exhibit Space Transfer

Exhibit Space Transfer Procedures for Planet Comicon Kansas City Exhibitors

To our August 2020 Planet Comicon Kansas City Exhibitors:

A message from Christopher Jackson, founder and CEO of PCKC, and the team at Planet Comicon Kansas City. 

 “It is with great regret that we must announce the postponement of Planet Comicon Kansas City 2020.  When the covid-19 crisis struck just days before our March 20-22 show, and the Mayor of Kansas City issued an executive order postponing all events within the city, we quickly and efficiently rescheduled the show for August 14-16, 2020. A full five months away!  At that point, we were very hopeful and optimistic that we would have a grip on the situation and would be able to come back strong in August with an amazing event.  Unfortunately, matters have not progressed as we had hoped. 

The health and safety of those attending Planet Comicon Kansas City is paramount. After consultations with the convention center management, as well as many exhibitors, creators, guests and fans, we do not see a way to move forward that would allow an event that resembles Planet Comicon Kansas City to proceed while also protecting the health and safety of the thousands of people who attend PCKC. The uncertainties of how to responsibly hold a large event simply are too great.  

The postponement of Planet Comicon Kansas City 2020 is one of the most difficult decisions we have had to make as show organizers.  PCKC has been providing quality entertainment to our fans for more than two decades. PCKC provides a venue for fans to meet their favorite creators and media celebrities, to shop for hard to find collectibles, to enjoy the amazing cosplay and props and displays, to game, to attend panels and presentations and nighttime activities, and so much more.  It provides a safe venue for geeks to be themselves and to meet other like-minded geeks. We have developed a community of fans who enjoy and support our show.  That support is greatly appreciated. It pains us that we will not be able to provide those things in 2020.  However, once it is safe for fans to gather again, we will be back stronger and better than ever.  Thank you again for your support.”

THE GOOD NEWSThe dates of the next Planet Comicon Kansas City are April 16-18, 2021.  Many of our March and August guests have already confirmed that they plan to attend our 2021 event.  Confirmed guests for April 2021 include Adam Savage, the trio from Karate Kid/Cobra Kai, Roy Thomas and Garth EnnisMany more guests will be announced in the coming months.  For the full roster of guests currently scheduled for our April 16-18, 2021, event, please visit PlanetComicon.com.  We look forward to celebrating again together soon.


All exhibit space purchased for our March 2020 show was previously transferred to either our rescheduled (and now postponed) August 2020 show or our April 2021 show.  All exhibit space transferred to our August 2020 show has now been transferred to our April 2021 show.  This transfer is beneficial to paid exhibitors, as rates for our 2021 show will increase as follows:

Initial 2021 exhibit space prices (when 2021 sales open)

Corner booth – $1000

In-line booth – $800

Artists Alley corner space – $700

Artists alley space – $350

Crafter corner space – $725

Crafter space – $360

Exhibitors whose paid 2020 exhibit space has been transferred to April 2021 are locked in to their paid exhibit space configuration at the 2020 prices. All unpaid space will be billed at the new rates. No additional exhibit space will be sold at 2020 prices.

Each exhibitor who has paid exhibit space for the PCKC 2020 will also receive a Planet Comicon Kansas City exclusive, limited edition, licensed “The Child” pin from The Mandalorian (commonly known as “baby Yoda”).  This will be one pin per exhibit space order, not per booth or table and will be provided on site at check in for the next show.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Phil Lawrence at [email protected].