PCKC TV: Cosplay Crafter Livestream with Crazy Costumes

Date(s) - May 25
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Event Website: https://bit.ly/2ZeKqqC

Join US Toy Magic and Costume Shop’s own Gel E. Bean
 as he goes behind-the-scenes with cosplay crafter Bruce Holt of 

Crazy Costumes by Bruce Holt.  Bruce teaches “Forged in Foam” panels at conventions across the states but we’re getting backstage access to his workspace! His monstrous current project is the Lukruk – a huge alien creature with mechanical armor, prehensile tail, and an awesome spear. We’ll get to watch and ask questions as he continues work on this 3+ month project.
Join us for our sixth installment of our Cosplay Crafter Livestream Series on Sunday, May 24th at 2pm at facebook.com/planetcomiconkc/live.


US Toy Magic and Costume Shop
Dustin Evans Photography