Cosplay Competition Registration 2019


Adult Competition, ages 15+
Thank you for your interest in the Cosplay Competition for Planet Comicon Kansas City 2019. Use the form below to submit your application to participate in the adult (ages 15+) competition. Please read the COSPLAY COMPETITION page before entering, found here.
Submitting this form does not guarantee that you will participate in the juried competition. Contestants will be selected for the juried competition based on the information you provide and/or prejudging at Planet Comicon on Saturday, March 30th, 2019.
We will be contacting all participants that have been accepted into the Cosplay Competition on or before Friday March 15th, 2019. We will provide additional detail regarding timelines and location for prejudging. Please check the Planet Comicon website regularly for updates or changes.
On site registrations during the convention will be accepted only if space is still available. On site registrations for the juried costume contest will still need to adhere to all guidelines described on the Cosplay Competition information page. Do not wait to register, space is limited!
Please refer to the Cosplay Competition information page for clarifying questions and details regarding costume guidelines, class requirements, awards, dates, timeline, etc.
Please forward any other questions or concerns about the Cosplay Competition to: [email protected], and we will respond as quickly as possible.
Registration Process:
Please enter all fields completely. If you are entering as a Duo (with 1 other person), submit only 1 application (do not choose “Group” for your class) and fill in the information requested in the space provided. Indicate separation of persons by using the “/” in all fields. Ex.) “First Name(s): Stephanie/Rachel.” Do this for all fields.
Duo entries will be eligible for 1 prize only. Members cannot win prizes individually since they count as 1 entry in the contest.
If entering as a “Group”, please list the names of all people participating on the lines provided. Indicate separation of persons by using “/” between names. Ex.) “First Name(s): Stephanie/Rachael/Mark/Gary”. Do this for all fields, as space permits.
Class Breakdown and Selection for Juried Costume Contest portion:

  • Novice: If this is your first time entering a costume contest, or you’ve never won a category award before at any other con, this is the category for you! 50% of your costume must be made by you.
  • Journeyman: If you’ve won 1-2 category awards at any con, this is your category. 60% of your costume must be made by you.
  • Master: If you have won 3 or more category awards in a cosplay contest, if you have taken best in show at any cosplay contest, or if you make or sell cosplay props/costumes professionally please enter this category. 75% of the costume must be made by you.
  • Group: You will be judged on your costume construction during pre-judging. Your performance and overall group chemistry will be judged on stage. 50% of each costume must be made by at least one member of the group. There are no class level distinctions for groups; group entries will be judged as a collective whole.