2019 Costume Contest Winners


We were so excited this year to announce our partnership with Nebraska Furniture Mart! This year our winning contestants won some amazing home electronics and other exciting items found at Nebraska Furniture Mart ! A total of $6,000 in prizes from Nebraska Furniture Mart .

US Toy Magic and Costume Shop also returned as a sponsor of the Cosplay contest and provided over $900.00 in Gift certificates to our winners! If you are a fan of cosplay and the contest, please be sure to consider patronizing these two fine establishments! 

It was our best contest ever, and the caliber of cosplay talent continues to grow year over year. Our 2019 winners were:

Best In Show

– Molly Cameron Lorynth Cosplay – Brigitte Lindholm – Overwatch

Master Foamwork

– Jessica Studdard Twitchy Squirrel – Dread Queen Brathain – Monster Hunter

Master Mixed Media

– – Ben Watkins – Old Link – Legend of Zelda

Master Needlework

– Sam Ybarra – Queen Amidala – Starwars

Best Group

– Amber McGee, Kadence McGee, Kayla McGee, Carol Keller-Hein, Makenna Hein, Kelcie Edwards – Alice in Wonder Land

Journeyman Foamwork

– Baroness Von T – Kae’l Thas – World of Warcraft

Journeyman Mixed Media

– David Summers – Aquaman – DC

Journeyman Needlework

– Morgan VanRoss – Mollymauk Tealaeaf

Novice Foamwork

– Joshua Jackson Jash Cosplay – Male Bone Hunter – Monster Hunter

Novice Mixed Media

– Rebekah BrushAuburn Artifacts – Kayle – League of Legends

Novice Needlework

– Jessica Albina – Maleficent – Disney

 Cheeky Cheetah Judge’s Choice

– Bruce Holt Crazy Costumes – Odin – Thor

Elise Mann Judges Choice

– Eric Shaver – Dalek Reevas – Doctor Who

Jen Greely Judges Choice

– Richard Shipley – The Lone Wanderer – Fallout video games

Teresa Ceballos Judges Choice

– Paul Terhune – Iron Man – Iron Man

Kamui Judges Choice

– Traci Davidson Traci Cupcake – Valkyrie – Marvel