Volunteers FAQ

Are you a volunteer at Planet Comicon Kansas City? Here are some frequently asked questions about volunteering.

What is a Superhero?

Superheroes are staff. Each area will have a Superhero managing over it. Each Superhero has 2 Sidekicks.

What is a Sidekick?

Sidekicks assist the Superhero for each area. Sidekicks will switch off with each other to make sure the area is covered.

What is a Minion?

Minions are considered PCC’s most important volunteers. If you are not a Superhero or Sidekick, you are a Minion. If you're not sure what you are, you are a Minion. Each area will have a variety of minions attached to it.

When will the schedule be out?

Kelly has hundreds of applications to go through to be able to disperse minions out to the Superheroes. Superheroes will then create schedules.  This is time consuming but look forward to a schedule no later than early May.

Can we wear kilts at the con?

Yes, but not in the “traditional” sense.  You must wear something underneath.

How long is my shift?

Minion shifts will be for four hours.  After that, if you choose to continue to volunteer more hours we would love to have you. You should expect to work 4-5 hours in a day. Most of those will be at one time, but some areas require it to be more split up.

Where will I be stationed?

That depends on where we need you the most.

Can we cosplay during our shift?

You may cosplay, BUT you will have to wear your volunteer shirt during your shift.  Your shirt must be fully view-able and on the proper part of your body during your shift. Your face must also be visible during your shift.

Will I get time to get an autograph from my favorite artist/celebrity?

During your volunteer shift, you will be required to work in that area.  After your four hours are up, you are free to enjoy the con.

Do volunteers have to pay for autographs?


Will I have time to go to *insert title here* panel?

If you are working a long shift during a panel that you want to see,talk with your Superhero to see if it is possible.  The first responsibility is to your shift, so don’t be upset if your Superhero really needs you to help during that panel.

Is lunch provided? Where do I park?

Lunch is provided for those days you are working. Be aware that some people are working during the lunch hours, so make sure to save some for those who have to come a little later. Don’t be greedy. Parking is not provided. The street car will be running, and it is free.

Do I get into PCC for free?

Volunteers get into the con to work their shift.  After your shifts are up, you will have the rest of that day to enjoy the con. You get in free every day you work. If you have put in 3 days or a total 15 hours, you have earned your 3 day pass.  ***If you continue wear your volunteer shirt when you are not on duty, be mindful that people may still ask you questions.  Please be courteous and answer questions in a friendly manner.***

Do volunteers get free tickets to Stan Lee and/or Kevin Smith?


Do first year volunteers get to work with Celebrities?

In most cases, no.

What do I do with my cleaned outmilk jugs?

Alexandra Walker is our Children’s Area Coordinator, contact her to setup a time/place to hand over clean milk jugs. As of April 25th she says she doesn't need any more milk jugs.

Does the Dark Side really have cookies?  Are they good cookies?

It’s true, but they tend to have weird flavors: Rancor raisins and Taun taun tim tams.

Will there be training?

Yes. We will have an orientation on the Thursday evening before the show starts. It will include a tour of the facility, overall training, and training in the specific area you will be assigned. The specific times will be announced soon. If you can’t come to Thursday orientation, you need to show up before the show opens on your first day of volunteering. That would be at 10:30 on Friday or 8:30 on Saturday or Sunday. There will be a brief training each of those mornings.

Have other questions?

Feel free to post on the Volunteer Facebook page with your questions or send an email at volunteers@planetcomicon.com.

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