Alex Grecian at Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017

Alex Grecian

New York Times bestselling author Alex Grecian is the writer of Image Comics’ Rasputin and Proof and the New York Times bestselling author of the “Scotland Yard Murder Squad” novels, including The Yard, The Black Country, The Devil’s Workshop, Lost and Gone Forever, the novella The Blue Girl, and the forthcoming The Harvest Man. Alex is a member of […]

Jeremy Haun is scheduled to appear at Planet Comicon - Kansas City 2017

Jeremy Haun

Comics creator known for The Beauty, Constantine, and Bad Karma Jeremy Haun is the co-writer and artist of Image Comics’ The Beauty. Jeremy Haun’s credits include Constantine, Wolf Moon, and Batwoman. Over the past decade plus, along with wearing calluses on his fingers doing work for DC, Marvel, Image, and others, he has created and written several projects. Some […]