Parking and Public Transportation

Parking: Downtown Kansas City has a wide variety of parking options in both garages and surface lots. There are about 40,000 parking spaces available in the downtown Kansas City area. In looking at the Visit KC Downtown Parking Map (see below) to determine convenient parking, please note that the convention is held in Bartle Hall, which is between 12th and 16th Streets and between Broadway and Central. It is a long, narrow, dark green rectangle on the VisitKC Parking Map, just next to the red marking for Municipal Auditorium. The public entrance to Planet Comicon Kansas City will be on 13th Street between Broadway and Central. (The 2200 and 2100 lobbies of Bartle Hall).

Plan your parking for Planet ahead of time!  The Auditorium Plaza Garage, directly east of the KC Convention Center,
is holding a select number of parking spaces for Planet people!  The cost is $11.30/day which includes taxes and fees.
Click the link below and enter Planet in the event name search.  While supplies last, reserve your space now!

You should expect to pay for parking to attend Planet Comicon Kansas City.

The owners of the individual parking lots and garages set rates. The City of Kansas City, Missouri controls metered parking.

Downtown Parking Options:

Visit KC has created a detailed map showing both garage and surface lots available in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri. This map can be very helpful in guiding a person to a convenient parking option. Some of the lots/garages are owned and operated by hotels. (for instance, P13 is the Kansas City Marriott Downtown Parking Garage).

See a Parking Map for Downtown Kansas City, provided by VisitKC

Kansas City Bus and Streetcar Service:

Kansas City also has a bus service and a Streetcar service that make it more convenient to get around downtown.

Kansas City Streetcar:
Information on the Streetcar service may be found at the following link: KC Streetcar Information. The Streetcar service is free of charge and can often get you from a more remote parking area to a stop close to Bartle Hall. For instance, the Streetcar runs from Union Station, on the south end of the downtown area, to the River Market, on the north end of the downtown area. There are many parking options near these landmarks and in between.

Kansas City Bus Service:

Bus routes may be found on the VisitKC parking map, and at the following link. Kansas City, Missouri Bus Service Information.

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When & Where is Planet Comicon KC

Bartle Hall, 301 W. 13th St
Kansas City, MO 64105
Fri, Mar 20, 2020, 1PM - 8pm
Sat, Mar 21, 2020, 10AM - 7pm
Sun, Mar 22, 2020, 10AM - 5pm

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