The Wallace Wood Estate

Wallace-Wood-Estate_guestboxFor the legendary cartoonist

Since the passing of the legendary cartoonist, illustrator, author, musician and graphic novelist Wallace “Wally” wood just after Halloween in 1981, the Wallace Wood Estate has been managed in keeping with the artist’s will. The executor, who was chosen by Wood himself, enlisted long-time Wood associate Bill Pearson as director of new estate-related business.

Under Pearson, Wood’s legacy continued with various authorized collections, including Woodwork for Crouch/Sea Gate, The Complete Cannon for Fantagraphics, The Wally Wood Sketchbook for Vanguard, The Complete Sally ForthThe Complete Wally Wood Lunar TunesIllustrator Archives: Wallace Wood Portfolio for Buffalo Nickel, and The Wizard King trilogy.

Since the new millennium, J. David Spurlock has served in a support role to Pearson, acting as advisor to the estate. Spurlock has worked for years with the Wood family and estate on various projects, including Wood’s acclaimed biography, Wally’s World with Steve Starger, as well as co-founding The Wally Wood Scholarship Fund with Wood’s brother, Glenn Wood.

He also curated the Wally Wood Day event at The National Arts Club with Roger Hill.

It was a transitional period in 2011 when Spurlock took over most of the day-to-day activities, including the launch of a number of new initiatives to embellish Wood’s legacy. Spurlock has been named the new Wood Estate director as of January 2012, and will appear at Planet Comicon with many of his associates, including Jim Steranko, Basil Gogos, Frank Brunner, Bob Camp and The Frazetta Girls.

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