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Todd Clark, known for his popular comic strip Lola, will appear as part of the Creator Showcase which features more than 30 comics creators.

In the comic strip, recently widowed Lola moves in with her son, Ray, and his family at his request. The potential disasters of Lola living with her anally retentive adult son and family provide the backdrop for a hilarious story about life. Life according to Lola, that is. Lola is a witty sharpshooter who’s too busy living life to the fullest to worry about political correctness, exercise and proper diet. She’s fiercely independent and struggles with having to live under Ray’s rules … so she doesn’t. A wicked sense of humor and blunt, but often heart-warming honesty are Lola’s tools of trade.

Todd Clark has been drawing for as long as he can remember, probably as a result of always carrying a copy of Mad magazine with him as a child … and as an adult. Since he began cartooning full-time in 1990, his cartoons have appeared in magazines ranging from Saturday Evening Post to Diversion to Disney Adventures. Clark’s work is regularly featured in MAD, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Besides full-time duties on Lola, Clark also writes for some heavyweight strips, including Sherman’s Lagoon, Mother Goose and Grimm, and Frank and Ernest, with his past worked including Bizarro and Dennis the Menace. In addition, Clark writes regularly for B.C., Wizard of ID and Tundra.

He has tried his hand at book writing as well, his kid’s chapter book, The Ice Cream Kid: Brain Freeze was published by AMP! Comics for Kids, a book division of Andrews McMeel Publishing. His beautiful wife, Kelly, daughters, Holly and Rhiannon, and an ever-changing number of critters around the house complete Clark’s life in Boise, Idaho.

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