The Frazetta Girls

Frazetta-Girls_guestboxFamily of legend Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta, the greatest heroic fantasy painter of all time, not only produced beautiful art, but also beautiful daughters and granddaughters.

Sara is a trained actress who has appeared in commercials, theater, and runs the Frazetta Girls websites. Holly is an artist and had a part as the Subhuman Priestess in her father’s 1983 Twentieth Century Fox movie with Ralph Bakshi, Fire & Ice.

Brittany is a budding model, makeup artist, and creates little ceramic creature sculptures.

Stop by to meet the Frazetta Girls for their Planet Comicon debut. Get them to sign Vanguard’s new Sensuous Frazetta book, and ask about Dusk ‘Til Dawn director Robert Rodriguez adapting Fire & Ice into a new live-action feature film.

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