Spencer Wilding

Spencer-Wilding_Social_1080sqDarth Vader from Rogue One

Spencer Wilding is an actor, martial arts and specialist in creating memorable creature performances for some of the biggest movies around, including Rogue One where he plays Darth Vader.

Since he was a child, Wilding always had dreamed of becoming an actor. Lacking any clear route toward his ambition, and growing to be a robust 6-foot-7 man, he became involved in kickboxing and eventually was crowned British-Welsh Champion.

A photographer took a picture for Wilding’s mother’s mantelpiece and suggested he approach an agent in London as he had a “great look,” thus the passion for acting was rekindled. Advice taken and many projects later, Wilding is now considered to be one of the best in his specialization of special creature performance today.

As well as creature work, Wilding’s outstanding physical and acting ability have seen him continue to impress and delight on the big screen.

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