Pros and Cons


Pros and Cons Cosplay is made up of twin sisters from Kansas City, who began cosplaying way back in 2005.

They started competing in 2008, winning a number of awards along the way for craftsmanship and runway performances.

In conjunction with creating their own cosplays, they also sport a healthy passion for social justice and inclusivity.

Pro loves to create things that are decorative and pretty. She loves manipulating color and light. She has paint on more clothing than not, which means dressing in business casual for her day job often leads to interesting conversations during meetings.

Con is the mastermind of anything that will end up being a lot of work, time and energy. Lover of all things construction, she’s usually camped out in Aisle 4 of the local hardware store, giggling excitedly over hex bolts.

That’s normal, right?

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