Phil Hester

Artist of Green Arrow and The Flash: Season Zero

Phil Hester has been writing and drawing comics for nearly three decades, beginning while still a student at the University of Iowa. He is currently penciling Shipwreck from Aftershock Comics.

He established himself in the world of indie comics with the Eisner Award nominated series The Wretch, and broke into the mainstream with a long run as artist of DC’s Swamp Thing with writer Mark Millar.

He also drew Kevin Smith’s revival of Green Arrow with long time inker Ande Parks, also for DC. He wrote The Coffin with artist Mike Huddleston which was optioned by James Cameron, and Firebreather with artist Andy Kuhn, which became an Emmy-winning television feature for Cartoon Network.

His work, as both artist and writer, has been featured in hundreds of publications from nearly every major American publisher and includes runs on such titles as The Darkness, Wonder Woman, Ant-Man, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, Nightwing, Invincible Universe, Batman Beyond, THUNDER Agents, Green Hornet, Godzilla, and more. Phil lives in rural Iowa with his family.

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