Nick Seluk


Nick Seluk, known for his popular comic The Awkward Yeti will appear as part of the Creator Showcase which features more than 30 comics creators.

The Awkward Yeti encompasses a variety of comics about life, introversion, science, and the balance of inner dialogue. See mundane ailments turned into epic stories, decide whether you’re a Heart or a Brain, and explore the differing personalities of a host of bodily organs.

Seluk pursued his lifelong dream of being a professional cartoonist after serving nine years in the corporate world as a graphic designer. His webcomic The Awkward Yeti began in late 2012, followed by the Heart and Brain spinoff in 2014. He draws inspiration from classics like Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, Garfield, and The Simpsons.

Nick is the author of two New York Times bestselling collections and reaches millions of fans each week through his website and social media. Nick lives with his wife, three young kids, and a lovable, ornery old dog in the suburbs of Detroit.

Lars, Heart and Brain, and a growing cast of organs can be found at, and on most social media.

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