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Maggie Geha at Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017Star of Gotham and TED 2

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Maggie Geha has just joined the cast of Fox’s Gotham as “Poison Ivy.” Geha has worked with Mark Wahlberg in TED 2 and with Hugh Grant in The Rewrite. She recently starred in the psychological thriller, The Harrow. Geha is currently based in NYC where started her career both as an actor and model. She is originally from Vermont and Boston.

Interview with Maggie Geha talked to Geha about the transformation of Poision Ivy in the third season of Gotham.

The younger Ivy isn’t completely gone though. Geha explains that even though Ivy looks different, her younger self is still a conscious part of her. “I think that little Ivy is sort of relishing in the physical transformation and realizing all the power that she now has with this change, and what she can do to people,” she says. “She’s definitely transforming into a darker version of herself.”

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