Kyle Strahm

Kyle-Strahm_guestboxArtist and co-creator of Spread from Image Comics

Kyle Strahm is a Kansas City-based comic book artist. His new book, Spread, became available from Image Comics in July 2014, one of the highlights of a career that has spanned since 2006 when he drew covers for the horror series Family Bones.

Since then, Strahm has provided numerous covers, interiors and pin-ups for companies such as Image, APE Entertainment and Desperado Publishing. His self-published Web comic, Clockwork Creature, was nominated for the 2008 Space Prize, and a collaboration with Eisner-nominated writer Phil Hester appeared in the pages of the anthology series Negative Burn.

Past projects include Hack/SlashHaunt12 Reasons to Die, and incentive covers from IDW’s Judge Dredd.

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