Kevin Kuramura


Kevin Kuramura, known for his popular comic strip Pear-Shaped Comics, will appear as part of the Creator Showcase which features more than 30 comics creators.

Pear-Shaped Comics is a weekly webcomic with intentions of making you laugh and sometimes think. It often experiments with the webcomic format itself, surprising you with twists in both plot and structure, but is not above raunchy pun-based humor either.

The title refers to the British use of the term “pear-shaped,” which describes something that has gone horribly wrong. If you prefer to think of a rich, sonorous voice or a big booty lady or even a literal pear, you go right ahead.

Kevin Kuramura is a cartoonist, mechanical engineer, and spreadsheet enthusiast living in Portland, Oregon. Tragically born without a sense of humor, he has stubbornly cobbled together a crude approximation in his 29 years of life. He started his webcomic, Pear-Shaped Comics, in early 2015 and it has since become nearly indistinguishable from real comedy.

When not creating webcomics, Kevin can be found working at his engineering job, hiking the Pacific Northwest, playing the intros to a few songs on the guitar, watching woodworking videos, or making lists with meta endings.

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