Jose Rojas

Jose-Rojas_Social_1080sqWriter and editor

Jose Rojas is part of the creative force behind Dungeon Construction Co. and Balls 2 That. He will appear as part of the Creator Showcase which features more than 30 comics creators.

Jose Rojas moved to Vancouver in 2010 and joined Luke McKay, the artist of Rooster Teeth Comics, to create a website for the new comic, Balls 2 That. The comic was a surprise hit and has since maintained a steadfast, loyal audience.

High on the success of their first endeavour and probably still drunk from the night before, Jose and Luke decided to start their own company, Button Mash Productions.

As well as continuing to help write and edit Balls 2 That, Jose started writing and producing several new comics: Button Mash Comics, The Dominions, Gamers are People Too, and The Adventures of KT. During this magical, chaotic time full of adventure he met Enzo, writer and artist of Cheer Up Emo Kid, and in 2014 Enzo formally joined Button Mash Productions.

Since then Jose, Luke, and Enzo have continued creating Balls 2 That and Cheer Up Emo Kid. Currently Jose is writing a new webcomic with Enzo and Luke called Dungeon Construction Co., a comic about the people who keep your dungeon traps set, monsters fed, chests filled, and torches lit.

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