Jason Aaron

Writer of Star Wars, Thor, and Southern Bastards to appear at Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017

Comic book writer Jason Aaron, known for his work on top titles for Marvel Comics, Image Comics, and Vertigo is scheduled to appear at Planet Comicon Kansas City 2017 He is currently writing Marvel’s  Star Wars, Thor, and Doctor Strange. He is also the writer and co-creator (with Jason Latour) of Image Comics’ Southern Bastards.

He was born and raised in Alabama and moved to Kansas City as an adult. Jason’s cousin, Gustav Hasford, wrote The Short-Timers, which was the inspiration for the film Full Metal Jacket. Jason’s says his first Vertigo project, a Vietnam-era story titled The Other Side, was written to honor his cousin.

Jason Aaron on writing Star Wars comics

StarWars.com asked Jason Aaron how it felt to complete his first story arc. “Well, it’s been a pretty cool experience so far. I think all of us were excited coming into this. Everybody who’s working on the books, everybody at Marvel, we were excited to have Star Wars comics back at Marvel for the first time in so many years. Everybody was excited to be doing the first big Star Wars project of 2015, which of course, is going to be a very big year for Star Wars with the new movie coming out. I think we were all hopeful and excited coming into this, but I’m not sure anybody was quite expecting the response we’ve gotten, and the way the books have been selling, and all the multiple printings we’ve gone through for all the Star Wars books. The response has been really mind-blowing.”

Awards and Nominations

  • 2007 Eisner Awards
    • The Other Side: Best Limited Series (nominated)
  • 2010 Eagle Awards
    • Scalped: Favourite American Colour Comicbook (nominated)
    • Scalped #19-24, “The Gravel in Your Guts”: Favourite Continued Story (nominated)
  • 2010 Harvey Awards
    • Best Writer (nominated)
    • Scalped: Best Continuing or Limited Series (nominated)

More about Jason Aaron

Website: jasoneaaron.blogspot.com
Twitter: twitter.com/jasonaaron
Comicbookdb: comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=7685
Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Aaron

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