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Jai Nitz is scheduled to appear at Planet Comicon - Kansas CityCo-creator of Suicide Squad’s El Diablo, writer of Dream Thief

Comic book writer, Jai Nitz is the co-creator of El Diablo, featured in the recent Suicide Squad movie.

He also co-created (with Greg Smallwood) of Dream Thief published by Dark Horse Comics, and has written for Marvel, DC, Image, Disney, Dynamite, and other publishers. He recently wrote Dynamite Entertainment’s Grimm: The Warlock, a five-issue mini-series, based on the hit NBC show.

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According to Kansas City Comics:

Jai Nitz is a comic book writer based in Lawrence, Kansas. He got his professional start writing short stories for Wildstorm, DC, and Marvel. His first series were Heaven’s Devil’s (Image Comics) andSeason of the Witch (Image Comics). In 2004, he began a run as the regular writer of The Batman Strikes (DC). In 2008, he wrote a 6-issueEl Diablo mini-series drawn by Phil Hester and Ande Parks. In June 2010, Jai Nitz quit his day job and began working as a full-time comic book creator.

Comic Book Resources raved about Dream Thief: Escape #1 by Nitz and Greg Smallwood:

Writer Jai Nitz and artist Greg Smallwood return to Dark Horse for “Dream Thief: Escape” #1, the second installment of their supernatural noir action comic. With an opening set in 1985, the first issue begins to pull back the curtain on the legacy of the Dream Thief and the mask associated with the station.

Nitz’s story is compelling and action-packed, providing a high body count, but no overly grotesque deaths. That’s not to say the deaths in “Dream Thief: Escape” #1 are happy-go-lucky events — Nitz and Smallwood simply show some blood and more than a few bodies. This comic book isn’t driven by the murders, however, despite the fact that that is the titular character’s reason for existence. Nitz builds a suspenseful story fraught with legal pitfalls and mortal peril around Lincoln, but provides readers with enough insight into Lincoln’s thoughts to make him a sympathetic character. By the end of “Dream Thief: Escape” #1, readers will want more and Nitz ensures they’ll have to wait on the edge of their seat with an interesting change-up on the final page.

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Twitter: twitter.com/jainitz1
Comicbookdb: comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=5236

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