IBOT is better known as the Iron Brothers of Topeka. They are three brothers who bring fantasy to reality with their large, wearable sculptures.

Although they have full-time jobs, children and family lives, IBOT finds time to imagine, build and share their creations.

Chris, the perfectionist and youngest brother, came up through the ranks of the 501st Legion, a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization.

Mike, the mechanic and middle brother, always dreamed about having a fully functioning Iron Man suit.

Neal, the adventurer and oldest brother, came about through the Society of Creative Anachronism, a medieval fighting and arts group.

IBOT has formal education in art, drafting, computer graphic design, mechanics and business. However, what started out as individual efforts has now escalated into a collaborative effort that includes three generations of their own family from their 80-some-year-old parents, to significant others, and children.

While other families have picnics in the park, IBOT has building parties, and go to comic conventions. The family that cosplays together has more fun.

Cosplay is a unique artform that continuously challenges one to learn new skill sets, and expand upon developing as a craftsperson. IBOT’s costume designs are not exact replicas or copies of something created before. Instead, they are re-imaginations of designs with their own twist to the scene.

IBOT likes to create things “bigger than life,” and make mechanically engineers beasts come to life.

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