Dennis Hopeless

Dennis Hopeless is scheduled to appear at Planet Comicon - Kansas CityWriter of Spider-Woman, All-New X-Men, and WWE: Then. Now. Forever.

Dennis Hopeless’ first published work was on GearHead in 2007 with Arcana Comics. His first work with Marvel was Legion of Monsters (2011), then X-Men: Season One (2012). Dennis tends to focus on female leads in his writings, as seen in his works Gearhead  for Arcana Comics and Lovestruck (2010) for Image Comics. Both Legion of Monsters and X-Men: Season One have prominent female leads as well.

Hopeless’ other work includes Avengers Arena, Avengers Undercover, The Mighty World of Marvel. He is currently writing Spider-WomanAll-New X-Men, and WWE: Then. Now. Forever.

In November of 2013 asked Dennis Hopeless:

You started off on creator-owned. Do you see in the future going back in that direction, or do you look at is as really enjoying your Marvel work and balance it with creator-owned?

Hopeless: I’d love to do some more creator-owned. I love working at Marvel, and I can pay my bills working at Marvel so it is a lot easier doing it that way. This past year I took on a lot of work all at once when I was fairly new to doing it for a living. My first six months freelancing I got two ongoings right after doing my first Marvel work. It was a really stressful year from a schedule standpoint because I had never done that as a big boy before.

Now that has cooled off a little bit and I can write my script a week and do it as a job and get up in the morning and put pants on (laughter). Now I’m starting to think of doing more creator-owned and going back…I have lots of plates spinning, projects I was planning on doing before Marvel came calling. I will do those as I continue to do Marvel work over the next few years.

 Comic Vine asked Dennis Hopeless about Spider-Woman:

What is the new Spider-Woman series about?

Hopeless: The life and times of Jessica Drew. She’s the Spider-Woman. Ha.

The thing is, it’s hard to say too much about the series until after Spider-Verse comes to a close. Which side will win? Which characters will survive? So much rests on the outcome.

During the event, Spider-Woman is Jessica’s war journal. She’s a soldier in this big crazy war and we’re following her as she bounces across the multi-verse running missions with fellow spider-folk.


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