Ant Lucia


Very few alternate visions of established characters have captured the imaginations of fandom like the DC Bombshells.

When Ant Lucia unveiled his designs for such characters as Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Harley Quinn and the rest in the series, the popularity exploded. His designs inspired a line of statues, lithographs, action figures, Funko POP figures, and many more licensed products as well as scores of cosplayers.

DC Comics has returned to Lucia’s world with the launch of a new DC Bombshells comic.

Lucia continues his work on the Bombshells line with new DC collectible statue designs, along with his cover work on the series. He’s also had covers used for many DC titles, including Action Comics, AquamanBatmanCatwomanGreen ArrowHarley QuinnJustice League DarkJustice League UnitedSupermanThe Flash, Wonder WomanBatgirlDetective ComicsGreen LanternGreen Lantern CorpsEarth 2 and Teen Titans.

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